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 Tom Wolf's disastrous education plan would result in a total loss of $1.2 Billion for effected school districts.

Tom Wolf's disastrous education scheme targets 362 school districts.

Tom Wolf disastrous school funding plan would result in aggregate school funding losses in 43 counties.



In The News...

  • Associated Press

    “Gov. Wolf believes it’s OK to take education dollars meant for students in three-quarters of our school districts in Pennsylvania and use them to reward the people who voted for him," Wagner said at the news conference, flanked by Republican Party chairman Val DiGiorgio and other state party officials.

  • WHYY

    Wolf’s idea would have major negative repercussions in many other shrinking districts, especially in the Western and rural parts of the state... most of the actual districts would lose out — more than 300 in all.

  • Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

    The hypothetical situation would reduce Allegheny County’s funding by $91 million and would reduce funding for school districts in 42 other Pennsylvania counties, a GOP analysis found. Such a change would increase funding for districts with growing populations, including many in the southeastern part of the state.

  • The Morning Call

    “The state GOP accuses Wolf of wanting to end that so-called “hold harmless” enrollment funding method, a change it claims would siphon $1 billion from rural school districts and redistribute it to Philadelphia and other more populated areas... Wagner’s claims have put Wolf’s camp on the school-funding defensive"

  • Townhall

    "Wolf’s plan would directly affect 362 Pennsylvania school districts, incurring a total of $1.2 billion in education cuts, per the Pennsylvania Department of Education."

  • Townhall

    "Although the buzzwords ‘fair funding,’ and ‘formula’ may sound appealing at first glance, this new proposal would harm a great deal of Pennsylvania school districts. Wolf’s plan would heavily re-distribute funds from rural school districts, and leave the children in these districts who rely on these funds at the will of Governor Wolf and his allies’ left-wing agenda, which does not truly seek a fair proportion of education funding and does not care to see rural school districts flourish."

  • "If the fair funding formula was applied immediately to all school funding, 'it would quite honestly be devastating to school districts in northwest Pennsylvania,' Titusville Area School District Business Manager Shawn Sampson said in an interview Thursday."

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